Outdoor Survival with Fire and Water


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  • Fitness level 2 Easy Active
  • Skill level 1 Beginner
  • Group size 10 people

This class is focused on two essentials of self-reliance; creating fire and potable water. We will be using hands-on practical activities meant to build your comfort level with these difficult tasks. We will demonstrate and practice techniques using modern tools to provide you with these critical outdoor skills. You will build, light and maintain a fire while learning the utility of fire in emergency situations. This fire will aid in water purification after we have explored the various water filtration methods. A variety of filtration and purification methods will be presented and hands-on practice with these methods will prepare you for the important task of creating potable water. Outdoor Self Reliance Basics is a recommended precursor to the Fire and Water course.

  • The proper role of fire and water in Survival
  • Fire as a survival tool
  • Fire Essentials and Construction
  • Proper fuel selection and Ignition sources
  • Hands-on Fire Building
  • Various ways to carry water with you
  • Hands-on Water Treatment
  • Identifying ignition sources and water treatment options that can easily be included in an emergency kit

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Please note that McKinney Roughs Nature Park is different than McKinney Falls State Park. Once you enter the park, you'll follow the park road for about 1/2 mile. Park in either parking lot near the park buildings. For questions, please email Austin-OS@rei.com or call 512-482-3357, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. You will not need to pay an entrance fee, when participating in an REI class.