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Build Your Own Series - Upcycled Climbing Rope Rug

  • 5:30 PM  –  7:30 PM
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  • Group size: 4
  • Instructor: REI Specialist

If you have ever wanted to make your own retired rock climbing rope rug but don't know where to start, let our Outdoor School Instructor help show you the ropes. We'll supply a retired 60 meter rock climbing rope to make a crafty rope rug for you or as a gift for someone special. Making a climbing rope rug can oftentimes be a difficult and frustrating experience due to the many template options, and confusing online instructions. This hands-on class will take all of the time-consuming work out of making the rope rug template, and allow you to use one of our pre-made templates to get right to the fun of weaving your own upcycled rug.

    Spokane REI

    1125 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201

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