Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention and Recovery

6:00 PM  –  7:00 PM

North Conway REI


  • Group size: 15
  • Instructor: REI Specialist

Have you ever wondered what to do with those foam rollers at the gym? All activity enthusiasts and athletes can benefit from training and recovery that incorporates foam rolling. Muscle knots or "trigger points" are small patches of super-contracted muscle fibers that can muscles to become stiff and achy. Stiff muscles can affect performance and even spread pain or injury to other areas. Most trigger points are easily treatable and even the occasional athlete can build up comfort with foam rollers that will allow you to regularly incorporate them into your fitness routine. Learn how you can take care of aches and pains, increase performance, and decrease recovery time with self-massage and a foam roller.

North Conway REI

1498 White Mountain Hwy C30, North Conway, NH 3860

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