National Park Photography with a Pro


$89 for REI Members

$109 for non-members


  • Fitness level 1 Relaxed
  • Skill level 1 Beginner
  • Group size 6 people

Take your photography to the next level. Join your REI guide and professional photographer on a walking photo tour of a local National Park during a photography consultation that will be catered to your needs. Learn to turn everyday snapshots into beautiful compositions. See beyond your primary subject so that everything in the frame improves the image. Walk away with composition techniques, including how to eliminate distractions, utilize human subjects, and use leading lines and the Rule of Thirds to create more dynamic images. Shoot photos that draw the viewer's attention into a vibrant and stimulating photograph. Photographers of any level using cameras or smart phones are encouraged to attend. Class size is small to allow for more personal attention to your specific needs. Bring your questions about photography, your camera (owner's manual recommended too), and extra batteries.

  • Learn techniques to become a better photographer
  • Enjoy time in a National Park

What to bring with you