Hiking with Dogs

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  • Group size 50 people
  • Instructor REI Specialist

Join REI staff to learn about the basics of hiking with dogs. This class will help you plan a successful hike for you and your canine companion. We'll review where to go, what to bring for you and your pup, and what you may encounter on the trail. We'll talk about where to find dog-friendly parks - local, state-wide and nationally. Having the right equipment is critical, so we'll discuss gear, as well as safety and comfort items you'll need to bring along to make a safe, enjoyable hike for both you and your dog. Learn how to travel on trails with your dog in a way that makes the least impact on the natural area, including wildlife. Attendees are encouraged to bring all of their hiking with dogs questions, but unfortunately due to classroom constraints, we ask that you do not bring your non-service animals.


    SteelCraft Long Beach is home to: Smog City Brewing, Steelhead Coffee, Rainbow Juices, Rori's Artisanal Creamery, Waffle Love, Tajima Ramen, Pig Pen Delicacy, and DeSano Pizza. Please arrive early if you plan to purchase food and drink options prior to the presentation. Presentation will begin promptly at 7pm.

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    SteelCraft is located at the intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and Bixby Ave. Parking is available at lot adjacent to 3745 Long Beach Blvd.