The Art of Fire: Essential Skills

3:30 PM  –  5:30 PM

Crowders Mountain State Park: Visitor Center

Registration closed

  • Fitness level  1: Relaxed
  • Skill level  1: Beginner
  • Group size: 4

Think you have what it takes to survive? Fire can be a lifeline for any survival situation, not to mention the keystone for your camping trip. Fire building and tending is part science and part art form. During this field outing, you will learn valuable skills and techniques including fire safety, tinder gathering, fire building and starting, tending and maintaining. Anyone can light a fire under the right conditions, but we are here to help you go beyond that in mastering this primitive skill.

  • Learn fire safety
  • Tips for tinder gathering, fire building and starting
  • How to tend and maintain a fire
  • Fire related Leave no Trace ettiquette


Participants will meet at the picnic table to the left of the main visitors center: Sparrow Springs Entrance.

Crowders Mountain State Park: Visitor Center

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Crowders Mountain State Park and the Friends of Crowders Mountain: REI Charlotte Market multiple year grant recipients.