Stand Up Paddleboarding: Beyond the Basics (SUP Level 2)


$69 for REI Members

$89 for non-members

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  • Fitness level 3 Moderate
  • Skill level 2 Intermediate
  • Group size 10 people

Stand Up Paddleboarding Beyond the Basics will improve your stability, help you turn with efficiency, and rescue others in need. Focusing on stroke technique, body positioning on the board, and balance we will explore fun aspects of paddling efficiency like how to dynamically turn your board by weighting the tail, how movement on the board can increase the ease of paddling, and how to rescue yourself and others after a fall into the water. This course is designed for self-taught SUP'ers and people who have attended our Learn to SUP class. Gain the confidence to SUP in all-weather conditions.

  • Gain confidence with maneuvers that turn a SUP and increase stroke efficiency
  • Improve board stability by improving board and body position
  • Participants will increase confidence to handle open water SUP emergencies

What to bring with you

Map image of 4 Lane Boat Ramp/Fireman's Cove - Lake Pleasant Regional Park

More directions and information

NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED. Park entrance fee is $7 per vehicle, payable by credit card after 8am. Courses beginning prior to 8am pay with cash at the self-serve station just inside the North Entrance. From AZ 74/Carefree Hwy: Turn Right onto N Castle Hot Springs Rd, travel 5.6 mi. At the T-Junction, turn Right onto Castle Creek Dr (REI sign here). Pass through North Entrance and continue to Fireman's Cove or 4 Lane Boat Ramp (additional REI sign). Call 520.477.7344 with any questions day of course.