Mountain Bike Skills Session - Level 2: Wheel Lifts

9:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area

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  • Fitness level  2: Easy Active
  • Skill level  2: Intermediate
  • Skill level  2: Intermediate
  • Minimum age: 14
  • Group size: 4

The ability to control one's wheels, both on the ground and off, is a benchmark of a skilled rider. Along with increasing the rider's balance and connection to the bike, wheel lifts also allow for quick repositioning on the trail when needed. While clipless pedal systems enable everyone to have some control over their rear wheel, they can encourage habits that inhibit proper technique and performance. Flat pedals and soft-soled shoes are required for the class. Front, rear, and level wheel lifts will be covered. This class will not focus on jumps or gaps.

  • Understand the application for wheel lifts
  • Lift front, rear, and both wheels from the ground in flat pedals
  • Clear small objects while rolling

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area

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