SUP Stroke Technique and Refinement - Level 2


$65 for REI Members

$85 for non-members

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  • Fitness level 2 Easy Active
  • Skill level 2 Intermediate
  • Group size 6 people

Are you ready to increase your efficiency on your SUP? This class allows you to review and practice seven different strokes, to help you turn the board, move sideways and even turn in a pivot. The seven strokes are: Sweep strokes (Forward and Reverse), Cross nose, Nose draw, Rail Draw, Sculling draw and Pivot turn. This class is ideal for individuals that were self-taught or those who have taken the Intro to SUP class with us and would like to take their skills to the next level.

  • To refine and further develop effective paddling skills, balance, positioning, movement and falling/ recovery techniques

What to bring with you

Map image of Willamette Park [West Linn]

More directions and information

This venue is located in West Linn, Oregon. It is NOT the Willamette Park located near downtown Portland.