Backcountry Navigation With A Map & Compass

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area

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  • Fitness level  2: Easy Active
  • Skill level  1: Beginner
  • Group size: 12

During this field outing, our instructors will help you understand the information provided on your map, the proper use of your compass, and how to put the two together. You'll learn about magnetic north, true north, and magnetic variation (declination). After covering these fundamentals, you'll get time to practice taking a bearing from the terrain and your map so that you can make sense of your position and plan a route. This hands on course is a great introduction to outdoor navigation and map reading!

  • Read a topographic map
  • Understand the difference between true north and magnetic north
  • Learn to calculate declination
  • Use a compass to take a bearing, plot your position on a map, and develop a route plan
  • Build confidence in your navigational skills

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area

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When you arrive at the entrance pay station, inform the attendant that you're attending the REI Class and you're entrance fee will be waived. From the entrance, turn right and head to the picnic area. Please review the link above for the meeting location as it can be a little confusing.