Mountaineering Skills - Snow Travel - Level 1

7:30 AM  –  3:30 PM

Mount Baldy - Baldy Bowl Trail - SB National Monument

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  • Fitness level  4: Vigorous
  • Skill level  2: Intermediate
  • Minimum age: 15
  • Group size: 12

The use of an ice axe and crampons is critical to anyone who wants to be able to move with comfort and safety in the mountains. This course will prepare you to deal with high summer snowfields and start to develop the skills needed for mountaineering adventures. We will cover snow travel, self-belay with an ice axe, self arrest and crampon use. This course is appropriate for first time mountaineers or climbers looking to brush up on skills. This course is very weather and condition dependent and the curriculum will be adjusted to fit the conditions at the time of the course. The next steps in the mountaineering progression are the Rope Teams class followed by the Mt. Baldy Climb.

  • Learn and practice techniques to safely climb and descend snow slopes, Learn and practice self-belay, Learn and practice self arrest

Mount Baldy - Baldy Bowl Trail - SB National Monument

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Go through Mt Baldy Village past Ice House Canyon Rd and climb the switchbacks. - Parking for the Manker Flats trailhead is approximately 3/4 mile beyond the last switchback. If you reach the ski resort parking area you have driven 1/3 of a mile too far. - Park in the designated parking area for Manker Flats - REI Outdoor School will meet you in the designated parking area