Xiomaro's New England Trail Photographs Exhibit

The New England National Scenic Trail, a solo photographic exhibition by Xiomaro showcasing the Connecticut portion of the historic hiking route, will be on view April 3 to 14, 2023, at the Connecticut General Assembly's Legislative Office Building located at 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford. A selection of over 40 large prints will occupy 250 feet of wall space, which visitors can view from either a moving walkway or by strolling up the corridor that links the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol Building, Connecticut's seat of government. The immersive experience will introduce visitors to the scenic diversity of fields, forests, river valleys, and mountains encountered along the New England National Scenic Trail - also known as the "NET."

1 session available

  • Monday

    Apr 3-14, 2023
    7:00am–2:00pm PDT

    CT General Assembly Legislative Building