Getting Started with Mountain Biking - March 31

Are you confused by all the info out there about mountain biking? Do you just want to get out there safely and start another love affair with the outdoors? Our goal is to de-mystify the sport for you and invite you to join the millions of passionate trail users who actively ride bikes on trails. Whether you are a newbie biker or someone who has been on and off the bike for years, this presentation will give you the essential information you'll need for putting together a ride on the best trails for you in Santa Cruz. This free-flowing discussion will cover topics that range from fitness to gear, maintenance, skill development, and trail choice. Our Q&A will finish with discussions of how to connect with other riders to enhance your enjoyment and progression in the sport.

1 session available

  • Friday

    Mar 31, 2023
    5:30pm–7:00pm PDT

    Cost: free!

    16 spots left

    Santa Cruz REI