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womens plus size Backpacking

I am a plus size girl - and I am just getting into Backpacking. Any suggestions on backpacking sleeping bags for larger side sleepers? Thanks Everyone!

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I don't have any personal experience but I would look at the NEMO sleeping bags since they tend to be more generously shaped.  Some Big Agnes bags may also suite although don't be fooled by the brand name. 

The only bag that the REI site search currently finds as XWide is this ...  although I would double check the quoted measurements.  I could not easily confirm it.

You also may want to consider a backpacking quilt such as made by Enlightened Equipment or UGO which can be ordered up to  XWide and various lengths.  These usually need to be custom ordered and that can take a while but you can get the warmth and size you need subject to their maximums.

You will have to test your required measurements against their recommendations to see what width would work best or if you need to look elsewhere.  Quilts are not for everyone but many find they work better than traditional sleeping bags for 3 season use.

You must have a suitable sleeping pad to use with a quilt since they rely on that for ground insulation.  That is also true for sleeping bags but they do intrinsically.  Generally wider backpacking pads are 25 inches.  Some pads come in Regular wide size which generally means 6ft X ~25 inches.  Large is usually 6ft 6 and 25inches.  Women's are often 5ft 6 and 20 inches.  Note that some pads can be DIY shortened if you can only get wide in a longer length than you need...not for the faint hearted on a $150 pad though

Thanks for the suggestions! - I tried the Marmot Trestle Wide - fit fine - but it tapers sharply at the knee - so it made side sleeping impossible! 🙂

I ended up loving a Big Agnes Bag - plenty of room to roll over! But still warm and not drafty at all.



Hi @Metolius - Thanks for reaching out! 

It's great to hear you're getting into backpacking. You're in a great space to ask all of the questions that come with starting a new (gear intensive!) activity. 

The right sleeping setup is very personalized for each backpacker, so if possible, we suggest scheduling a free virtual outfitting appointment to talk through different options one-on-one with one of our experts. 

While the climate you are planning to backpack in will have an impact on which kind of sleeping bag you want, we suggest taking a look at the following options to start:

  • NEMO Disco Sleeping Bags (30F and 15F options) - These bags are designed specifically for side sleepers, offering more room to comfortably move around while sleeping. The men's and women's are insulated in different proportions, but also have different shoulder and hip widths available.
  • Therm-a-rest Corus Quilts (32F and 20F options) - Not technically sleeping bags, these quilts snap directly into a sleeping pad and have closed in foot boxes to keep you warm throughout the night. Some plus-size backpackers have reviewed that they appreciate the room offered at the hips versus conventional sleeping bag options.

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have a Big Agnes Echo Park, and it's a roomier bag! I'm a restless sleeper so I got it to kick around in. It's really comfy, and has an portion that you can slipe a sleeping bag into, which I liked because I'm a hammock camper and the sliding around of the mat when it's chillier out drives me up the wall. 

I love my sleeping bag...

Great responses so far but it all depends on where you plan to hike and seasons you plan to hike in.  For summer hiking a 40 degree bag may meet your needs.  If you plan 3 season hiking, I would take that to a 20 Degree bag as weather can ruin a great hike.  

Sleeping pad:  Recommend a 3" pad to ensure you dont bottom out and get sore at night. seasons will guide which level of R rating that is required, but i'd get atleast a R4 pad to ensure 3 season is permittable.  If you are a 4 season person atleast R5. 

Sleeping bag:  I'd recommend stopping by a local REI shop.  They have bags hanging in there and you can determine the right size for you based on that.  Then shop to determine which brand provides you with what you want. 

WELCOME to the hiking family 🙂 

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The Big Agnes Echo Park has a model for 40, 20, and 0! It also comes in long wide. 

I really like this big cozy sleeping bag, haha. 


I'm in the same sphere as you. Got a Nemo Forte 20 bag, It fits but just a little snug. I got the men's regular bag but should have gotten the long one instead just for the extra room at the bottom to store some stuff in case of freezing weather.  Get a men's size for the little extra girth. Some of us women just aren't dainty lol.😆

Thanks for the suggestion! - All of the store employees warned against getting a men's because they insulate differently - but the men's just fit so much better! I went with a colder rating to make sure I wasn't cold and got a Men's Long.

That's great and glad I was some help.

I don't understand why the store people think women's bags will fit all women. Not all of us sleep cold which is what I've found the concern to be. I guess they don't know what hot flashes are.