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women's hiking pants with decent pockets??

Are there any good hiking pants out there that actually have useable pockets? Why do pants makers not realize women need to carry things too.

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This is going to seem an odd answer. My Wife “borrowed” my 5.11 Tactical Pants. They fit her perfectly. Not too heavy ripstop material, super rugged. Made for Police, usable pockets everywhere, even pockets in pockets. Her favorite pants for hiking/camping.


I think the pocket situation on the REI brand Sahara Guide pants to be pretty generous, I was impressed when I first tried them on.  Sizeable front pockets, functional (!!!) back pockets, and a zip pocket down the side of one pant leg.  It does depend on your definition of adequate, but they definitely fit mine. 

... she said, dubiously.

5.11 tactical has some awesome cargo pants for women that are comfortable to hike in. They are durable, they have 4-6 “man” pockets depending on the pair, and they fit very well. I have a pair and I use them for some of my more rigid hikes that I know the trail is not the best kept and I’m usually brushing by lots of weeds, bushes, branches, etc. 

Would definitely recommend, kinda on the expensive side. A typical pair is between $45-65. 

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