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Women's Climbing Festivals

For all those women climbers out there, I would HIGHLY reccomend checking out the series of women's climbing festivals put on by Flash Foxy. They are awesome events who welcome climbers of all abilities who identify as female. Everyone is welcoming and even if you are traveling solo, you can find great new climbing buddies!

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@JustWannaClimb thanks for the info here, I've been looking at attending one of these myself!  They seem super rad!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

I recently attended the Unleashed Women’s Festival in Tennessee at our local climbing gym and it was a wonderful way to meet other girls at a similar skill level and in a comforting and inspiring setting. It really motivated me to try to come to the gym more. Applause for all those trying to help more women get outside!