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Windswept Walking the Paths of Trailbalazing Women

Windswept: Walking the Paths of Trailsblazing Women by Annabel Abbs.

This may possibly be the best book ever written about women in the outdoors.   Abbs' subject is historical women who engaged in long walks. Instead of just reading about them, she walks through the same places and along the same routes that they walked in order to absorb their experiences into her own body.  In order to process her experieces, she delves into the gendered issues of walking solo -- the social disapproval, the fear,  the constant harassment by men, the various inconveniences of female bodies, and  what's behind an impule to walk away from the coziness of children, family and homemaking.  Abbs persistantly asks the question, how does walking change you?  She says, "Virginia Woolf believed women needed a room of their own. May Sarton believed they needed time of their own. Me? I think women need a route of their own. Outdoors. Away from the concrete circumscriptions of the city. Between earth and sky. Close to Water."

“The girl who goes alone says with her body the world is worth the risk” – Elizabith Austen 

3 Replies

Thank you for the recommendation. I've added it to my reading list.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to Barnes & Nobel tomorrow and will see if they have this. I love a good book about strong women! 

Kathy King

THANK YOU! Answers which I’ve long sought might be found in this book.