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Survival Gal

I imagine she hasn't posted for a while because she is probably off on one of her jaunts, most likely in the Sierras.

Problem is, there are many fires raging there.  I hope she is OK and will have good war stories to relate when she posts again. Good thoughts for all the hikers out there.


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This is a great sentiment and much appreciated. I, too, look forward to hearing some interesting stories from @SurvivalGal when she gets back! I hope everyone is staying safe out there!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi, A-O-K, HERE (thanks):

I've been pretty busy lately, a few weeks ago, I had a lot of work to do (NOT complaining, especially in this economy!) while getting ready for a week in the San Gabriels with a group. Not so much "guiding", per se, basically just showing them the ropes (at one point, literally).

With all the wildfires, we weren't sure if we were going, or how long we'd stay, but we went anyway (albeit with minimal/lightest possible gear in case we had to 'bug-out'. Good practice, actually). We just stayed in touch daily via my InReach Mini so we knew what was happening.

For WEEKS now, I've noticed a very light patina of ash on my table at a local Starbucks (outside in their patio, of course), so not sure about my next outing in a few days, I'll be going out solo again for about 3 weeks (hopefully).

I heard there were a lot of people airlifted within the last week, so I plan on staying out of places that are hard to be airlifted out of (so no canyons this time), and I'll try to stay near flat, open ground and note accessible peaks.

Half of my emergency kit (which is the 'brain', or 'top pocket' on my pack), is an ultralight rope and climbing rig, the other half is my first-aid and signaling kit. And of course I ALWAYS have my survival kit on my belt with my ACR RescueMe. And then there's my smartphone and InReach Mini. So, I'm about as ready as reasonably possible.

Of course, there are always those famous last words that appear in many an epitaph... "OOOps!"