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Solo Adventures

I am a solo EVERYTHING! I travel alone, hike alone, bike alone, eat, breath, and sleep alone. I personally enjoy it. Along the way I have some cool people who join me, but I always end up back alone. It’s the best way for me to enjoy my adventures because I don’t have to accommodate to anyone. BUT I am a female and get nervous going out there. I still go out and enjoy myself but I am always cautious. 

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Your a Champ.


I have always been that way, but still a novice when it comes to outdoor activities as a solo show. Are there any resources or advice you can give? It'd be greatly appreciated! 

I’ve traveled relatively alone all over the Western US — with my dogs. They aren’t big dogs but they do provide that extra layer of alertness to my surroundings. I tend to stick to National Forest campgrounds and trails. I think there is a safety risk in hiking alone very far off the beaten path, not from other people but from injury. I grew up backpacking and am very comfortable in the out of doors, but I do think you need to be smart about it. 

I think the most important thing in going solo is that you’re comfortable providing for all your needs yourself. Can you read maps and use a compass? Do you know basic first aid? Will be you ok if your stove dies, or it starts to rain heavily? Spending anytime outside is always about being prepared.

Yes yes yes to the dogs!  I feel safer with mine along, plus she is great company.  I guess that's not really solo hiking though.  🙂 


My advice, be safe. Always be aware of your surrounding, always have a backup plan, always be confident, always let someone know what you are doing. Do not go in thinking you're safe and be cautious. Anything can happen and I don't want anything to happen to anyone. I personally don't wear ear buds and every 20 mins I look behind me. Bring food and water always, no matter how far the journey because you never know what you end up doing. They make small self defense tools and those are helpful. I like a small knife around my neck like a necklace. I hope this helps(:

I wish I had more confidence in myself to do all of that alone! I always travel with my other half. I like the fact that you only have to worry about you and can do whatever you want, like you said no accommodations! Your an inspiration.

I am 100% the same! I will take a road trip with friends too, but most of my time is alone, whether it's at home or hiking and camping. Everyone can do this and I think everyone should, within your comfort level. But don't don't be afraid to push your boundaries! If you don't feel ready to spend a night alone in the woods, try a day hike at your local forest preserve. Or travel a few hours away to hike, pack a lunch and reflect. There is so much you can learn about yourself alone in nature, and it's empowering to know you CAN do it if you want to!

I, too, LOVE adventuring/traveling alone!  For the most part, I feel safe.  I've done my homework, I'm prepared, and I've experienced it enough.  With that said, we should always be cautious!  There's just something about seeing new things with my own eyes and sleeping under the stars on my own 🙂

I guess I am a solo “almost” everything so I identify with your post. My biggest challenge right now is to begin hiking in unfamiliar places. I still need to learn a lot about hiking! I travel the world alone and love it. My future challenge is doing the Camino de Santiago!! Thanks for reminding me that being nervous is OK!!!