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Shopping for split size hiking boots (mobility device/prosthetics users)

I use a hydrid orthotic/prosthetic for hiking and backpacking. It is a nightmare to find shoes that fit my "regular" foot and my "device" foot that always ends up shelling out insane amounts of money on two pairs, and 2 shoes that I don't use. I found a pair of Vasques that worked, but I had to buy one mens and one womens shoe (my regular foot is too short for a mens shoe and my device is too wide for womens wide so I need a mens wide).

Anyways, the Vasque St. Elias are made in gender neutral colors, so they match despite having one mens and one womens, which is awesome (you get enough stairs in the outdoors with a device -- its nice not to add mismatched footwear to the mix!).

If anyone has had success finding brands that offer discounts for a second pair of hiking  shoes for non-able bodied people who use mobility devices, I would love to hear about it! Brooks is awesome about selling single shoes, but I haven't found the hiking/backpacking equivalent despite reaching out to a bunch of companies.

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I would suggest re-posting this in ask REI.  The sales/shoes staff might have some suggestions.

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