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This entire section, "Women in the Outdoors" is as sexist and divisive as it comes. Once again REI shows itself to be hypocritical and pandering to the shrill Twitter minority. As a Liberal, I find the entire fad du jour and genre of "Women Only" to be the antithesis of Liberalism and is actually creating a deeper divide between genders. If you want equality then let true equality be the goal. And true equality is not marginalizing and excluding one gender in favor of another, regardless of the confirmation bias you carry or the desire to appear virtuous and "woke".


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I dont get offended by those topics, but rather look at them as a place where a group of people can relate to one another.  I also dont think I need to know which sports bra is most comfortable so it's probably a good thing they have that area to ask those kind of questions in.  Hope this helps! 🙂

@Coppola9422 thanks for the feedback!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

This section doesn't bother me at all.  it seems appropriate since there are issues of concern to ladies on which most men are not likely to have any meaningful input.

I also heavily discount anonymous opinions....

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@hikermor appreciate the perspective!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Let's flip it around. What would people say if there were a "guys only" section, or "differentially-abled only" section? I'd be looking there, because I fit into both categories, but would some be offended by the presumed exclusivity? Even if the intent were only to make it easy for certain people to find what they want?

I have zero problem with this and think it's a very useful and great idea. 

As the husband to a wonderful wife, and father to a wonderful daughter, I really can appreciate this type of category.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

These are only my 'being nice' comments.  Have a nice day!

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This is a somewhat pointless discussion.  Based on the language used, the person,  bravely named "Anon",  who posted the original message and went away is almost certainly not who they claim to be and is just trolling. 

The attitude expressed confuses gender difference with sexism.  Sexism is about gender discrimination and denial of equal opportunity.  That deliberate "confusion" is fairly typical of a certain type of small minded person with an agenda and I'm being polite here! 

Since anyone can comment in the "women in the outdoors" section there is no discrimination and there is equal opportunity.  It is not a "women only" section at all.  All it does is acknowledge that gender difference exists and that female specific issues are not "off limits".  If questions about packing out menstrual products, diva cups, she pees, bras that work, hiking when pregnant and Kula cloths make you uncomfortable then maybe don't look here.

Certainly you could argue the case for a "men in the outdoors"  board to "even things up" but to what point?  What are these male specific issues?  Prostate exams on the trail? 

Men, in general,  do not have a problem just assuming everything is available to is illustrated by the fact that apart from an REI employee,  all the posts here so far are from men!   That alone makes Anon's "point"  if indeed "they" do have one,  look pretty empty without even arguing its obvious flaws.

For all who have participated on this thread, we have decided to lock all future comments as we believe enough commentary has occurred.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.