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Seeking advice for/from women on best ways to manage sweating while recreating

I love being outdoors hiking, kayaking and exploring but there is just one problem...sweating and its excessive.

I'm 53, post menopausal and live in  central Texas. After hiking and sweating so much, my cargo pants/capris look like I didn't make it to the restroom in time! 

Are there any moisture wicking underwear/shorts/ pants that alleviate this problem?

Thanks in advance. 😅

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@ADivineCanine this is a great question - we've moved it from the Employee board to the Women's board, so we can tap into a broader audience of women for their advice and perspective! We'll still tap our employees for their ideas as well!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks Jen,

I wasn't sure where to post my question. Also thanks for making the topic title better too.  🙂

@ADivineCanine I hear ya!  When it's bad, there just doesn't seem to be much you can do, right?!?  I use ExOfficio underwear because it dries so fast, but sports bras seem to be another things entirely.  If they're thick, they just seem to hold all the moisture and get even heavier and less useful.  I'm currently using a seamless Odlo that I purchased from REI (the same model doesn't seem to be available now), that seems to do the trick.  No seams is great for not chafing and it has double straps for support.  I was just reading about another brand that has one with mesh in the center front/ back to wick away sweat better (I'll have to look for it again for myself!) that looked like it could work.  As for pants and tops, I just go with synthetic and as light weight as I can in summer and then for layered clothing look for anything with vents under arms, etc.  Women's clothing certainly doesn't seem to have the right features.  Sometimes you can get away with the men's model with vents in the places we need as much as they do!  I'll also admit to always searching out darker colors to hide the wet marks 😉

Hey @taskmaster 

I really appreciate the advice and feedback.  😊 


Hey @ADivineCanine !

I lived in the deep south for almost a I know how important it is to have a plan in place for hot and humid weather! 

I only wear synthetic underwear with flat seams when doing any kind of outdoor activity. I also like the Ex Officio underwear. My usual go-to are these Fruit of the Loom panties which we don't carry at REI. 

In the summer, I pretty much only run in compression shorts, which helps both with moisture management and chafing. I'll also wear them under dresses and skirts for the same reason. If you have a tight enough pair, you could easily wear them under your current pants. There could be a potential that they might make you hotter; for me, they seem to create enough of a barrier that prevents sweat from showing through. I prefer wearing Nike Pro Compression Shorts 5", but they also make shorts as short as 3" and as long as 8". 

Finally, you can also try switching to a dark pant that's made with a moisture-wicking material. The PrAna Halle pant is made from a wicking material called "Stretch Zion." I own a different pant from PrAna made out of the same material in all three colors, and have not seen much sweat through them. 

Hopefully all these ideas help you get ready for an active summer!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @REI-PearlD ,

Thanks for replying to my post. 🙂 I'll definitely look into this and the pant suggestion is great too!



Good morning 

@ADivineCanine! I know your post is a few months old, but I'm new to the community and just thought I'd suggest something else as well. 

Before I got into yoga, it used to bother me so much that the majority of women's tights that we sold were black. Then I went to my first hot yoga class, had your same issue, and immediately understood. 😂

How has your summer been? Have you tried any of the suggestions so far? 

The one thing I wanted to add was that I now hike in a skirt and it has been activity-changing! I do not hike in "skorts"... the liner defeats the purpose, IMO... if I wanted to hike in shorts, I'd be hiking in shorts. I found this amazing skirt from Mountain Hardwear... it's light, breathable, AND HAS POCKETS. I find that the increased airflow of a skirt, and not having a bunch of fabric between my thighs, makes my outdoor activities much more bearable. I don't even really chafe when I wear it because it keeps everything dry, even though I chafe in shorts when I run. If you try out a skirt, maybe take a thing of Body Glide with you the first time or two to see if chafing will be an issue for you. 

I hope you've had a good summer thus far with lots of safe outdoor adventures! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.