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pee rags....good or bad?

I like to hike, A LOT.  I also try and do a few backpacking trips each year because it involves my favorite activity (you guessed it, hiking!)

I know a lot of women who backpack a lot use pee rags instead of toilet paper.  I think it's a little bit gross but I do see the benefit of not having to pack out the paper so I'm considering giving it a try.  I've heard the sun will somehow remove the bacteria/germs but I don't know if that's a fact.

I'd love to hear others thoughts on this topic.  Do you use a pee rag, do you like your pee rag, do you have to wash it off or do you just let it dry?  What's the best pee rag material? 

To pee rag or not to pee rag, that's the question!

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I agree. The Kula Cloth is amazing!


I second that, third actually.  Kula Cloth all the way!  Heart

Is it possible to have too many Kulas? Asking for a friend...


@ruthsbluemarble Never 🤣 I have one for every backpack, my bicycle and my truck (right now 7 in total)! Kulas make me happy. 🤗✌🏼

That’s hilarious!


The Kula Cloth is great and has many advantages over a pee-rag including your hands stay clean, it’s discreet hanging from your pack. 
Women in western states have an advantage in that it is much drier there and the long term collection of moisture in sensitive areas is usually not an issue but for other parts of the country women must deal with frequent precipitation and higher humidity. The Kula cloth dries quickly in the west and I could rinse it out everyday. But on a recent trip in the Midwest it rained nearly everyday and rendered my Kula cloth unusable because it became saturated and could not dry. I used TP and packed it out. 
Do women in the wetter areas of the country have methods for maintaining good hygiene?

I’ve just found out about an amazing an essential item a bidet! It fit a water bottle top like a wine cork with a small hole to force the water into a pretty strong stream. Could be used to cleanse the area with fresh water and wiggle dry or pat dry with pee rag. Just look up travel bidet. 

@Leslie  I've never even thought about this topic before. And after reading this post, I have added the Kula Cloth to my list of items to try.  I generally just use what is around me ferns / leaves when below tree line.

I am also here to recommend the Kula cloth! I love it so much. The designs are wonderful, woman-owned small business... couldn't be a better investment. I need more of them!


Ditto!  I just tried this product on a recent backpacking and roadtrip and loved it!  

I have previously carried a two ziplock bag system with my trowel and a ton of toilet paper.  I truly hate seeing bits of other's TP along the trail, so am very conscious about packing out my own... and the growing collection of TP in my ziplock is also not my favorite piece to manage on trail.  The Kula Cloth (there may be other similar products, I'm not sure) greatly reduced this situation!