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Outdoor travel companies

As a frequent outdoor adventure enthusiast, one of the benefits of going with a group is to learn of new places to visit, tips on a wide range of areas, etc. A big benefit is learning of travel companies that offer unique experiences and offer quality at reasonable prices. Besides REI Adventures, what companies have you used and would recommend. One of my favorites is a US based women’s only group, Adventures in Good Company. I have used many foreign-based companies as well such as Nepal Hiking Team which caters to both sexes. Any you’d recommend?

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For snowmobiling, I would highly recommend Savage Sisters Aleah, the founder is passionate about women snowmobiling and an extremely good teacher and guide. She had been bothered about the dirth of women in the sport, and wanted to create a means for women to get out there!

Now that is a very cool company that I had no idea was out there! Looked at their website and am very impressed as well as in awe that these women have been able to follow their passion and encourage others to do so as well. Thanks for sharing!

Thomson Safaris is U.S. based in Watertown, MA.  Our hiking club used them for a Mt. Kilimanjaro trek. They were fantastic. Their made all of the arrangements, for the trip, except our flights. Their staff is well trained to handle all situations and work with all individuals. They were able to answer all of our questions, take care of and see to our needs.  All individuals that work for this company are well treated. Their quality and integrity are at the highest level while being socially responsible.  Their service is the best. I highly recommend them. 


Awesome!! Had no idea this company was in the US! I did use Adventures in Good Company for my Kilimanjaro trip and feel as strongly about them as you do with Thomson. So great to have high functioning companies based in the US!!


I have used REI Adventures last year to go to Africa - guided hike up the Kilimanjaro Mountain. The trip was pricy however, I think the cost and trip was worth every penny! Everything was taken care of for the group, from the pick up at the airport, taking care of obtaining visas for the stay in Tanzania to getting to the hotel, preparation for the hike and the guidance and care during the hike. The guides, the helpers- everyone was tremendously helpful and made the the trip an extraoridinary experience. I'd highly recommend REI Adventures! 

Other companies I have heard about are Adventure Unbound and AdventureWomen but I have not done any trips with them so cannot give more insight. 

Chulengo Expeditions has some great trips to Parque Patagonia.  More than just a backpacking trip.  History and Formation of park as well as ecological talks during the trip.  Great value. 


I have been on four hikes with National Geographic Adventures.  All were excellent / superb hikes / adventures.  Nat Geo does an excellent job of coordinating the journey and stays are excellent inns and hotels.  The meals were outstanding.  However, Nat Geo Adventure trips do have a premium in price.  This year I am trying an REI trip to Europe and will be able to compare the two hikes / adventures. 


Macs Adventure .  They specialize in hiking trips in Europe, helping you do it yourself. A friend of mine loves them. He and his wife have taken several trips that they organized, and now have taken one with their 18 month old. 

G Adventures . They do trips  all over the world. I love seeing what they are offering - good inspiration. I'd recommend signing up for their e mailing list.