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Looking for women's hiking shorts

Hi all! I’m getting pumped for a summer hiking season but only own biker shorts. Looking to get a good pair of women’s hiking shorts that are comfortable and have pockets. Would love any recommendations! Thanks and happy hiking!

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Hi @Ericajl87 - Thanks for another great question! 

There are many options available for hiking shorts, so you'll want to consider what features are most important to you when looking for the right pair. For example, shorts that are airy can be less rugged and longer inseams can prevent chaffing but also have less stretch. Hopefully some other women will weigh in with their thoughts as well, but here are some suggestions that are a good place to start:

Additionally, you may find this thread on women's hiking pants with decent pockets helpful if you're interested in looking for those too.

Hopefully this helps!

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This is currently my favorite pair of hiking shorts.   They are not that short, but they are super comfortable, have pockets, are made of stretch fabric and they don't ride up in the crotch. -- 

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Royal Robbins Backcountry shorts. Best. Shorts. Ever. So many pockets (at least 6). I have about 5 pairs and I've had them for 15+ years. They still look amazing and I wear them almost every day.