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Looking for suggestions on where to find quality Used Gear for women.

Hi Everyone, 


I'm gearing up for a Kilimanjaro climb, and have a lot of new (and specific) gear to buy. It's proving to be very expensive. Any suggestions on where to get quality used gear specific to women? Also, any experience in re-selling it after a couple uses? 


Thank You! 

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One would be REI's used Gear section.  And there are also REI garage sales.

Then, you have a lot of other suspects not necessarily used but places that might have some items at a good price (Ebay [can find used items],, Amazon, Sunny Sports [], Moose Jaw [], Campmor [], and Steep&Cheap [])  Steep&Cheap is not necessarily cheap.  It has items at a good discount.  However, they can still be pricey.

All of the used items can be a bit well used (for lack of a better term).

Reselling, you could look at REI and Ebay.  Sorry, I do not experience selling items on either.

Have fun on your climb.


ps.  You might find some Memorial Day sales out there as well.

For clothing, I recommend checking out Patagonia's Worn Wear program. It's all Patagonia, of course. Much of it is sold for 20-30% of the new price, and it's guaranteed to meet your expectations as to condition. And needless to say they don't resell junk.

For other equipment, I recommend checking with local colleges that have outdoor programs. They sometimes sell surplus equipment and/or expedite sales for students. Also, post something on Craigslist. People who are selling stuff there sometimes have other stuff they'd be willing to part with, if they thought someone would buy it. I'd even post a small note on the bulletin board at your local supermarket or drugstore, if that's a thing where you are. It isn't really done here, but in small towns in Georgia it very much is.

If your local environmental groups have newsletters, ask if they accept ads for a nominal fee.

For that matter, if you can be more specific about what you're looking for, you might even get offers from people here. I've seen equipment given away for the cost of shipping. And it sounds like you might only need to borrow some things for a month or two?


In my neck of the woods there are outdoor gear consignment shops that re-sell used gear. It depends on where you live if there is one near you.   Here's a website with a kind of useful list of outdoor consignment stores and consignment stores by state (it's a good start, but not complete)

My suggestion is, look for consignment shops in places like Colorado, Washington or Oregon, etc where there are a lot of climbers.  Maybe send them an email to ask if they might have the things you're looking for.   Then you can sell it back to them after your climb.

Safari njema!

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