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Ladies' backpacking work trip is a goldmine

Last year was my first 'ladies trip' with coworkers. This was a trip organized kind of organically by a couple of folks who wanted to create an encouraging and safe backpacking trip for coworkers who didn't have a lot of experience and might otherwise feel intimidated by a multi-day backcountry jaunt. First of all, although it was coined the 'ladies trip', it turned out that the trip was in no way restricted to people who identified as female - in this context, a lady was 'any individual who embraces fun, silliness and drinking wine in the backcountry'. I loved my first experience which was to the Sky High Lakes in the Marble Mountains - totally a real place (! This year, we're thinking of heading to the Ansel Adams Wilderness, which I am very excited about. Do you have a 'ladies trip' type of outdoor activity in your community (work, friends, etc)? Do you have tips for starting one?
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Ladies' backpacking work trip is a goldmine

I totally agree, 'ladies trips' can be such fun! I've mostly participated in the organically created ones like yours. Most of the time when I am part of the start of an organic one, it comes about by someone just saying, "I would love to try... [super fun outdoor activity!]" and other people agreeing! Sometimes all it takes is saying outloud that you want to try something and that is intimidates you. One of the things that makes these trips so special to me is that they are all about learning, growing, and challenging yourself in a supportive environment!

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One of my teammates here at REI is also a raft guide and so last week we took out a 'ladies trip' on the South Fork of the American River! Maybe next we can head on a backpacking trip!


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