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Re: Help picking a raincoat that isn't "crunchy" feeling

I am looking for a raincoat that is soft and comfortable without being crunchy and I am having a hard time finding it online. What is your softest most comfortable raincoat? What about the softest waterproof and warm coat (parka or 3-in-1 for Oregon winters)?

Thanks, Heather

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@heatherbridgham we actually get this question a lot, a jacket that is both waterproof and not "noisy" or "crunchy." Unfortunately, part of the noice/crunch is a result of the technical fabric used to make a jacket waterproof. A softer/quieter jacket, like a softshell, will offer water resistance but typically not be fully waterproof.

With that said, here are a few models of waterproof rain jackets that we'd consider to be on the softer/quieter side:

The majority of the 3-in-1 jackets we carry are designed for skiing/snowboarding, which you didn't mention. You can certainly wear these jackets around town, and their outer shell is often "quiet," however they will include ski-specific features like a powder skirt and a helmet-compatible hood that may be unnecessary/undesirable for non-ski adventures.

Another option for warm and waterproof is to pick a shell (as mentioned above) and pair it with either a down layer or synthetic layer underneath, effectively creating your own 3-in-1! We've got a helpful article on how to choose an insulated jacket for more ideas and information. Hope this helps!

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Hi @heatherbridgham .  I am not an employee, but I can agree with @REI-JenK and her recommendation.  I recently purchased the REI Co-op XeroDry GTX jacket for the exact same reason.  I wanted a jacket that didn't really look like, or feel like, a rain jacket.  This definitely fit the bill.  I'm really pleased with its look and performance.  In fact, I just came in from walking my dog during a downpour while wearing it and it kept me nice and dry.

Good luck on your search!

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Thanks for the advice!

Hi! My go-to for a rain coat is the North Face style with Gore-Tex. The fabric is soft, not crunchy, and cleans easily. For added warmth I often put a micro puff on underneath, since the puff holds heat in well and the rain jacket shields me from wind and rain. Sometimes I opt this arrangement over my standard winter coat, since its lightweight and doesn't make me feel like an overflowing marshmallow! By having a separate basic raincoat and micro puff, I'm able to fully utilize both items but also use them together very easily and comfortably.