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Any interest in women’s gear reviews?

Hi! I want to start doing gear reviews from a woman’s perspective! There are a few female hiker channels out there but not very many. Is this anything women (and men) want to see? And from what channel/ how?! This is more gear reviews than also being out on trail which is what most female channels do 🙂 and no shade to those women, but I am wondering if people want to see it? 

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Hi @Sbin18 - Thanks for reaching out. I think this is a great idea!

When I am researching new gear, I head to YouTube to watch people explain different items. In my opinion, that seems like a go-to channel for such things. This online community is also an amazing place to share a women's point of view. Gear is being asked about and discussed all the time here and an additional women's voice is always welcome! The Women in the Outdoors board is great for some items, while all of the different activity boards can host endless other options. 

If you do end up making gear reviews on another platform, we would love to see you share the links here. It's always nice when community members share their work for everyone to learn from and enjoy!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Although it's already a crowded space, I say "go for it"; fresh perspectives are always a good thing. And if you can bring a style that's unique and helpful, it would help everyone wanting to be on trail.

FWIW, one thing I am getting really frustrated with on so many of the review channels are unsubstantiated claims. My current annoyance, for example, are all the reviewers saying to switch from the Sawyer Squeeze to the BeFree filter because it has a "faster flow rate". But they never say how much faster. Does the BeFree filter one liter of water in 30 seconds but it takes the Sawyer 32 seconds? I'm not dumping my squeeze to save two seconds. But if the BeFree does it in 30 seconds while the Squeeze takes 5 minutes, well that's worthwhile. One reviewer in particular started saying that the flow rate was better (but never how much better) and then, within a few weeks, it seemed every reviewer was saying the same thing. Granted, repeating subjects of larger channels will help build subs and views by doing that but it kills legitimacy.

So, yes, go for it. Have fun, be different, and as @REI-CarterC said, make sure you post links so we can watch and subscribe

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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