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what to wear on first time stand up paddle tour?

What to wear⁉️

4 Replies

Drysuit and Hawaiian Shirt over Boardshorts?

Hi, thanks for that I will check it out. Hope your weekend is a good one too


Hi @cegriffin59 - It's great to hear you're heading out on a paddle board tour for the first time!

When you introduced yourself, you said you were in Georgia. Is this paddle boarding happening there too? In warm areas, a quick drying shirt and shorts over a swimsuit is often a good option. Some people prefer wearing a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt to keep the sun off of their arms, while others opt for sunscreen and just a swimsuit. There's no one right answer, so choose what feels comfortable for you and what matches the weather. As @Former community member suggested, a drysuit could be the right choice if your trip is in colder water. With all of the recent mentions, it certainly seems like Hawaiian shirts are popular too!

Remember that ending up in the water is always possible — either from losing your balance or just wanting to jump in! — so you'll want to avoid cotton clothing (it's slow-drying) and make sure things like your wallet and sunglasses aren't going to float away either.

If you're keen on sharing, it'd be great to hear how your venture goes after you get back. Have fun!

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Yes, it's at one of our state parks. Thanks for the ideas- a quick drying shirt and shorts over a swimsuit will do. I will definitely share the experience... after.