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Waterproof Jackets for Alaska Float Trip

I am going on a float trip in Northern Alaska that ends at the Arctic Ocean. And, we will be able to hike each day along the trip. I am looking for suggestions on waterproof rain jackets. My first thought was hard shell, 3-layer, laminated. Is that the right combination of attributes? Any other thoughts? 

And finally what jackets do you suggest?

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Hi @Jaxone1 - Thanks for reaching out. That sounds like an amazing trip! 

There are a few different directions to go for staying dry with jackets on float trips and hikes. While you didn't mention what season you will be traveling, because you are ending at the Arctic Ocean we are guessing you are looking for some warmth. Do you already have warm mid-layers ready to layer underneath? If so, a 3-layer hard shell is a great choice to add on top. In the Expert Advice article titled Rain Gear: How to Choose the Best Rain Jacket, you will see that, in general, a 3-layer laminate is known to have the best performance among the available options. In that category, we recommend the following:

If you do not already have warm layers for underneath your hard shell, you might want to look at the Co-op Stormhenge 850 Down Jacket. The 850-fill down is matched with a 2-layer waterproof shell, giving you waterproof warmth in one piece of clothing. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'd be happy to help.

We'd love to hear an update following your trip as well. Sounds like it will be an amazing time! 

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