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water shoes with good support

I paddle board 2 to 3 times a week for 5 miles each time. I am finding that my ankles get sore and suspect that I need a good support water shoe. Can you recommended your best support water shoe?

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I usually use hiking sandals instead of water shoes.  They grip better, hold up better, and have more support than water shoes in my opinion.  if that doesn't sound good, you may be more interested in scuba boots (though not a ton of support there).

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My wife has a pair of sandals made by Sperry. They're pretty much indestructible, obviously made to get wet, and according to her quite comfortable. They obviously don't provide much in the way of ankle support, but if your problem stems from a lack of arch support they may help.

If it really is ankle support you need, have you considered one of those neoprene ankle braces? You would have to have room in the shoe for it, but it should provide plenty of support.

I think before I spent too much money I would try wrapping my ankles with good ol' Ace bandages a time or two, and see if the added support really helps.

A friend from college had ankle problems and was told to use a marker held between her toes to write the alphabet on a big piece of paper once with each foot each night before bed. Apparently it helped considerably, because when I knew her she could hike all day with no problem! (Hi, Sunny, if you happen to be reading this!)