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Recommendation for a handheld GPS for hiking and marine use.

Does rei sell a unit that can be used for both hiking and marine?  A unit that can download usgs maps (Northwest) and marine charts for Puget Sound/ Columbia River.  

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hello @Kingdw , 1 word - GAIA GPS APP FOR IPHONE, ok that's 5 words, but I just checked and they have USACE river charts, and NOAA charts, as a map download.  As well as all the functions of a GPS unit.

The big plus is, you're looking at your phone screen, which has much more visibility than most GPS unit windows, and you don't have to have another device to carry, charge up, etc.

good luck

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@Kingdw Thanks for reaching out!

Depending on the level of detail you are looking for, @Philreedshikes advice may be just what you're looking for. In terms of handheld units, we have a couple of models of GPS units that can be used for both hiking and marine use. Take a look at these models:

Both of those units will take an SD card, which can be loaded with Garmin's Marine map software or with a Garmin Map. We also encourage you to check out this conversation, Advice for a GPS for hiking and kayaking, which may have some useful insight as well.

Additionally, if you'd like more good info on GPS units, check out the expert advice article, How to Choose and Use a GPS.

Hopefully this helps!

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