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Re: Perception hi life kayak fishing accessories

Hi, last year I purchased (from REI) the Perception sit on top hybrid kayak. I am interested in getting some accessories for fishing in it. I see that there are two different types of balls that can screw into the kayak. 1 inch or the one and a half inch size. And then I want to be able to attach a fishing rod holder to it. I would like to know which size screw in ball do I need to order? And I an wanting the rod holder too. 
Can someone  get back with me and give me some insights and information please.
or do you recommend that I go to the perception website and order from them?
I would rather order from REI if possible.
Thank you.


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Hi @ChaCha and so cool to hear about what you want to do with your Hi Life! I managed to dig up some pretty darn good info for you about the mount base size, accessories, etc. The good folks at Perception have a great page with all of the details that you can find here! 

It looks like the 1.5 base will be right for you, so once you get all the info from Perception that you want you can order that here. 

I think this will give you a great place to start from. If you need more info, let us know!

Have fun out there!

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Hi, after doing some more investigation I think I want to find an attachment that allow me to have my fishing rod in front of me instead of the designated place behind the seat where the screw in Solo mount base is located. Are there accessories that fit into the metal base on the deck of the kayak that can hold a rod? Thanks 


Hey @ChaCha ! Ooof, that's a good one. I think I've tracked at least one down for you, based on Perception's advice on attaching to the track Here's what they say: "Additional accessories can be added on the center gear track of the Hi Life. This metal track is designed to accept mounts and accessories with a T-Bolt base; it will accept most track-compatible mounts and accessories from manufacturers such as RAM®, Scotty® and YakAttack®. Dimensions for the Hi-Life gear track can be viewed in the boat diagram below."

With that in mind, it appears that something like the YakAttack Omega Pro might do the trick.

However, I think it might be best to give the good folks at Perception a call on that. You can find them @888-52-KAYAK (888-525-2925), from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

Hope that helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi, I clicked on the yak attack fishing rod holder attachment and it’s sold out. (Thank you for trying on that one.) I will call the people at perception and see if I can get some help. I appreciate your checking in with me on that.