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Pau Hau - Which Paddle Board to Get? Hard v. Inflatable and Able to Camp AND casual paddle


We are looking for a board that we could take on an overnight camping paddle, which could also work for a paddle on the Sound (shoreline wanders to paddling from Lincoln Park to Blake Island which is some open salt water paddling for those who don't know), and which could still be used for an afternoon easy paddle on Lake Washington (fresh, more flat water).

We were debating between the following and would love feed back.  Also welcome to other board suggestions!

Big EZ Angler:

Endurance Inflatable:

Endurance XL


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Hey there @qsb!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 

Stand up paddleboarding is such a fun activity! 

You might find this previous conversation on selecting a stand-up paddleboard  helpful in making a decision. 

One thing I like about the boards you have selected is their size. Selecting a board that is a little longer will help you in managing the boards direction as well as adds a little stability. Not to mention a longer board adds some versatility so that different users of varying weights and skill level can use the board successfully!

This article is also helpful when choosing a paddleboard  and deciding whether you want to go with the inflatable or solid board.  

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@qsb Great question!

You've selected some really good paddle boards here! One thing I would suggest, particularly for dealing with the open water chop of a paddle to Blake Island (sounds amazing by the way!), is a board with a displacement hull like the Endurance XL or the Endurance Inflatable listed above. The planing hull of the Big EZ Angler is great for calmer, easy paddling, however, for tracking and dealing with waves a displacement hull will help immensely. Personally, I prefer a rigid hull (mostly just my preference, not necessarily performance), but much of that depends on what your options are for transportation and storage.

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.