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Paddling trip advice?

I canoe and kayak (in a sit-on-top) frequently on a river near me.  I'll do up to class 3 with my pup, and am comfortable at night since I know where I need to be to avoid the rapids sections.  But I'm planning my first multiday paddling trip on the headwaters of the river in my city.  I'm in Richmond VA, and am talking about the James River.  

I'm not sure yet if I'll be canoeing or kayaking--possibly both if I recruit enough friends and we'll take turns.  Does anybody have some awesome paddling hacks that make a trip easier?  This trip will be about 4-5 days.

Thanks for your ideas!

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I do quite a bit of kayak camping on a sit-on-top. It allows me to pack way more than I would if I were backpacking, so I can bring more luxury items.

Just a couple of basic tips for you:

  • File a float plan with a trusted friend or family member, telling where you will be and the times you expect to be at certain points.
  • Consider a GPS tracking device like a Garmin InReach so that people can find you if something goes wrong.
  • Wear a PFD at all times...don't be a statistic!


What sort of hacks are you looking for?  

Pack all essential items that can not get wet in waterproof bags or in plastic bags inside other bags. Make sure everything is tied down or securely stowed. If you tip or a big wave hits you, you don't want to lose any essentials.

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