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Paddle board repair

Had unexpected strong wind gust blow items off our dock including my ozoboard906 paddleboard which was purchased through REI several years ago. Fin and top of fin box torn off and gone. Can't find any info on the company anymore. Is there anyway to put a new fin box and fin on this board?

Appreciate any suggestions. Really liked the smaller board since I'm a petite 70 year old.

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@Cindy sorry to hear about the wind accident with your SUP. It would be helpful for us to know where in the country you are located, so we can see if there's a local shop that might specialize in repairs. You could also try one of these contact methods for Ozoboard, although their website no longer seems active so it's unclear if you'll be able to reach them:

Finally, when your local REI store reopens, you might stop in and chat with the team about local options for SUP repair. Hope this helps get you started!

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