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Made it into Lake Erie

Just a little bit.
We were staying at East Harbor state park OH while competing at Camp Perry. We paddled the harbor and it was OK, but on a whim since the wind wasnt to high and the weather was decent, we took the channel out into the lake and went north along the shore.
It felt worse than it looked and moving long side to the swells was a little nerve wracking at first. They were large enough, maybe 1.5-2 feet at the worst and were breaking on the rocks with enthusiasm. Really got the hips in gear. I only needed one brace, mainly because I dropped the paddle while on a swell and it didnt hit much and I over balanced a bit. Just a light touch and a admonition to pay attention. The other guy was in a 13’ Castine and he paddles pretty strongly, but the old Sea Lion liked it I think because I walked away from him and i didnt think I was paddling hard. May have been because of nerves…
A couple days later we had thought about going again as we had a half day. Water would have been nicer, but 0400 starts had taken the fun seeking out of me.
Anyway, it was kind of cool for a mostly river guy. I am not ready to head for Canada over the lake though. 😀

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@GregA - Wow! I loved reading that, especially with the end of "kind of cool for a mostly river guy."

Those instances where you plan for one thing, then high energy or good conditions push you towards more always make for exciting days. I grew up paddling rivers and bays mostly east of the Rockies, but made a move up to Alaska's Inside Passage years ago to do some kayak guiding. Bits of your story reminded me of my first few weeks out on those waters!

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it was a win to get that experience under your belt!

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