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Lockrack Universal Watercraft Carriers

(1) What are the main differences between the original Universal Watercraft Carrier and the X model? The compare feature on provides a dimension comparison, but I am interested in more details such as usability or functionality. Why would I buy one model over the other?

(2) Am I correct to assume both models have the capacity to transport either 1 kayak, 2 paddle boards or a canoe?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide to help me make a decision of while model to purchase.

2 Replies

Hey there @julie1!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your questions!  

You are correct that the main difference in these models are the dimensions. The new X series from Lockrack allows you to carry up to some of the widest recreational watercraft. So depending on what you plan to transport, this might be of importance to you.

The X series also includes the adaptors necessary to attach to some car rack systems.

Regardless of the style, both are intended to carry 1-2 boards or a kayak or canoe.

Hope this helps! 

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Thank you, this helps.