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Let the Rhythm of the Wind and Water Be Your Guide

I have been SUPing for about a year now. I have been following this innate feeling for adventure. Today I stepped outside of my comfort zone to practice SUPing in much quicker and stronger waves. On the Chesapeake today, I practiced for hours how to navigate waves on the board. The wind was about 10 MPH.

I want to share this for anyone else that is thinking about paddling or has paddled but hasn’t paddled on the waves yet. The key is "going with" or "connecting with" the rhythm of the water, wind, and cadence of the waves. I felt that out first for a while on my knees and seated on the board. I got a sense of how to go with it first. Then, I stood up and paddled. It’s a great lesson to know that I’m not in charge and that I need to let go and go with the flow. I took precautions with my life-preserver on my board and with people on the beach facing the water who might see me if I need help. I find such joy with being this close to the water. I’ve lived next to the shore my whole life. Being from the mid-Atlantic region of the states has its perks.IMG_8621.JPG

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