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Kayak Strap Recommendations

Hows it going everybody ? I have a 2011 Nissan rogue with a Rhino Rack roof rack recently installed, I was hoping the community could recommend the best / reliable tie down straps for a kayak (pelican - the catch). I am thinking something with click in straps - sort of like a seat belt (for durability/reassurance). I will leave the link to the roof rack below and boat ! Also is it really necessary for the boat to be tied down to the the front and back bumper?  Or can it just be tied/strapped through the front and rear windows?  

Link 1:


Link 2 :

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I have been using these straps for almost 2 decades.

Easy to tighten, rarely loosens until you want it to.

Some of the reasons for front and back tie downs are one, you will be surprised how much "lift" you can get at speed when the wind is blowing. Secondly, that boat could become quite the projectile if you have to brake suddenly and it is able to slip out of the straps.

Also, if I understand what you are asking, I would not strap through the windows but directly to the cross bar close to the kayak.


@dadDale Thank You for the response and info, extremely helpful! I am ordering those straps right now. I definitely see what you mean about strapping directly to the rack/cross bar. The front and back tie down makes a lot of sense considering the "lift" during high speed (especially on the highway).

So altogether you think 2 orders (4 total straps) will do the trick to tie the boat down to the rack itself, and then to the front and back bumper?

Side Note : About how long would you say this process takes - One man doing it solo (loading on top of the car/tying everything down securely) ? I have a mini ladder to make it extremely easy to get the boat on top mounted. 


With practice, just a few minutes. Specifically, I recently got 2 boats down from where they hang in the garage onto the vehicle and strapped in under 25 minutes. YMMV

Very Nice ! How many straps do you recommend I purchase?

Pair of 2 ? or 2 orders (4 total)?🤔


I have only used one pair of straps per boat plus rope to tie ends down

Ordered my pair today, will be here Thursday ! Any specific type of rope you could recommend ? (Link) 


Not really, I have used paracord or different sizes of accessory cord

@Former community member 

Thanks for reaching out!

@dadDale gave you some great advice below, we wanted to echo their thoughts that if you have a set of crossbars on your vehicle, you should not need to tie or strap your kayak through the windows of your car. There is a method used with cross bars where you loop your strap around the crossbar, over the kayak, and around the crossbar on the other side of the kayak. That puts the tension of the strap pulling the kayak directly down towards the car and can help minimize the left to right 'sway' or shifting of the kayak when you drive. There is a lot of good information in this Expert Advice article, Transporting Your Kayak, that describes the method. Look specifically at the How to Tie Down a Kayak section for details.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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@REI-JohnJ Extremely helpful article and info as well , Thank you !

About how long would you say this process takes you ? (mounting the boat on top of the vehicle - tying down the boat to the rack itself and then tying down to the front and back bumper)