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inflatable SUP recommendations


We are looking to purchase an inflatable SUP for my 14 year old daughter.  She's rather petite, about 5'3" and about 115 lb.  She's enjoyed renting SUP's for the past several years, she has excellent balance and she's very athletic.  She will be using this on lakes.  And probably honestly about 8 times a year.

Recommendations on which models might be a good choice for her?



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Hi @ShellyAnn21 - Thanks for reaching out! It's great to hear that your daughter enjoys paddleboarding so much.

There are few important things to consider when picking your first board:

  • Length: A longer board is will stay straighter and travel faster, while a shorter board is more playful and easier to maneuver.  
  • Width: A wider board is more stable. For your first board, we recommend a board that is 32" of more.

With those things in mind, we suggest taking a look at the following options:

You may also find our Expert Advice article titled How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board valuable to look through before making your decision. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi Shelly,

   I think I know why, but I'm going to ask anyway.

Why inflatable?  I been on both sides of it.

Just figured I ask before I get into the pros and cons, some not so obvious, which I have learned the hard way.



Inflatable mostly because of portability-our vehicle arrangement makes it difficult to transport a hardboard.  But I'd still be open to hearing the pros and cons because there is a chance we're in the market for a new vehicle this summer which might make that an option.