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inflatable SUP pump for HALA Rado?

Getting a HALA Rado iSUP for my wife. Need a quick, easy, pump to fill this. What kind of pump is recommended? Is there a battery powered one? What kind of valve to these iSUP's have?

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I own a Hala Atcha and I use this electric pump to inflate. Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump . It does pretty well if you try to keep it cool (avoid direct sunlight) and only inflate one SUP.

Hope this helps!


@nicuron Thanks for reaching out!

We recommend a pump like the Starboard V8 Double-Action SUP Pump for your HALA Rado stand up paddle board. It is a double action pump and includes a pressure gauge on it. If you are looking for an electric pump (such as the one @Lothar suggested) make sure it is rated for inflatable SUPs as they require a higher pressure to retain their rigidity on the water. At this time, REI does not carry an electric pump for inflatable stand up paddle boards. It is always a good idea to have a hand pump, like the on we mentioned, to top off the SUP before hitting the water.

The standard valve for an inflatable SUP is called a Halkey-Roberts Valve, but most inflatable paddle boards use the same valve so you don't see it called out by name very often. If the pump you are purchasing states that it can be used for inflatable SUPs then you should be good to go!

Hopefully this helps!

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