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Inflatable Kayak for 5’0” female

How does being short (5’0”) impact choosing an inflatable kayak?  I’ve seen discussions for taller >6’ people, so I’m curious if height is an issue on the other end of the spectrum. I’m definitely wanting an inflatable for portability and recreational use. Stability and steering are also important as I’m new to kayaking, and I’m no longer a spring chicken (in my 50s). 

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My wife, mom, and sister all have bought the advanced elements single person kayaks and have had no issues (height range 5'4"-5'10").  I have one as well (6'1"), with a different paddle length.  They work really well for flat water and floats, but I wouldn't take them into the ocean or larger lakes.

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We have Advanced Elements. 5’8” and 5’4” Late 60’s no issues. Minutes to assemble and inflate.F7C41682-8709-4047-80A5-56DCCB205622.jpeg