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How to not get your butt wet in a kayak

Hi friends, Seeking some tips and advice on how not to get my butt wet! I periodically head up to lake casitas near Ojai to go kayaking and hate getting my butt wet in the kayak. You can't swim there, and there is no place to change and I get soaked. Yet, it is too hot, generally for a wetsuit, not to mention would look stupid on the lake. What would you suggest? I also would like to do some ocean kayaking and paddle boarding too, for which an athleta paddle-worthy swim suit seems probably reasonable. (I am age 60 and fit, but have not tried these ocean sports yet). Open to your thoughts. Thanks everyone!

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North Face Aphrodite. Comfy waist band and dries in minutes.


@Vivi and @MaureenE I've never had much luck keeping my butt dry when kayaking, if only because water tends to drip down and off my arms into my lap throughout a paddle! So, instead of trying to avoid getting a wet butt, I've focused more on how to manage it afterwards - I have found that a lightweight, quick-drying skirt over whatever I choose to paddle in (bathing suit bottom, board shorts, etc.) gives me an easy and discreet way to change out of my wet bottoms when I'm done paddling for the day. Not sure if this is helpful advice, but wanted you both to know you're not alone in wishing for a dry bottom!

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Thank you! That is exactly the kind of practical suggestion I was looking for.  Good idea!

I have a cheap kayak and paddle from another sporting goods outfitter, and have never had a wet butt.  Kayaking lakes and rivers in Michigan l.p.  So I'm a bit confused, I mean I kayak in jeans.  My paddle has these donuts that blocks the water from running down the paddle into the kayak, perhaps those are available as an add on.  Or I believe REI sells wet suit shorts, just as bottoms.  They do, both in capri and shorts, NRS Hydroskins.  Perhaps those would help?


It must have to do with the type of kayak you use.  There sure are a lot of us with wet butts out here. I appreciate your suggestions!

I've heard it said that kayaking is like a return to infancy: you have a big smile, and a wet butt. 🙂

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LOL I could add to that but pretty sure it would be inappropriate.


Oddly enough, no one has mentioned a spray skirt  - not the kind found on ladies, but a waterproof neoprene gadget that fits snugly around the waist and is clamped to the cockpit rim with elastic.  It works quite well unless one is totally immersed.  I have traversed the Potato Patch, a notoriously rough area NW of Santa Cruz Island and stayed comfortably dry, even with water rolling across the deck.

I often wear wetsuit bottoms to warm my butt and legs, but I don't like the jacket because it hampers arm motion.  A vest work there. My wetsuit is designed for scuba and a surfer's rig is probably different - I have no experience with those....

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Thank you for the idea. 


It really depends on where the water is coming from and what kind of boat you have. Do you bring it in on your feet? Then step fwd and stay off the seat. If it is coming in off your paddle, then adjust the little rubber drip collars and your form. You are probably going to deep with the paddle then bringing it over your body. Possibly the paddle is to long but from the post I am guessing you are not an old hand at this. There is a option of a splash deck. Like a skirt without the tunnel around you. If it is from waves breaking over the bow, then a skirt.

If you are in a rec boat, the odds of getting a skirt arent great, nor is the usefulness. If you are in a SOT (sit on top) then it has to be paddle or water is coming up through the scupper holes. If you are in a touring type, then getting in, paddle, or waves.