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How do I replace a SUP Deck Mat?

I got an adventure SUP in March 2018. The whole deck mat is peeled away.  Is there anywhere to get it replaced? Or can it by done myself?



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@courtpesha Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we do not carry any SUP deck pads, we only carry smaller versions to provide traction for your dog when riding on your paddle board. However, there are several companies who sell whole board SUP deck pads as well as several YouTube videos on how to complete the process yourself. We recommend searching 'replacement SUP deck pads' and checking out some of the information you find there.

Depending on where you are located, you may be able to find a surf or paddle shop that could do the work for you if you would prefer to go that route. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I'm in a similar situation: I have an inflatable SUP with a deck pad that is in good condition, but is separating from the board. I have spent hours googling, but most of the advice I have found seems to be for hard boards. It seems that I need to 1) remove the old glue, and 2) glue the pad back on. Questions: 1) There isn't much old glue; do I need to remove it? There is some remaining on both the board and the pad. If I need to remove it, what should I use? 2) Can someone recommend a glue? Contact cement seems to be the most popular recommendation, but I bought a can, and the instructions say that it may damage vinyl. So I'm reluctant to use it. Ideally, I would like to use a product that would stay on as long as I wanted it to, and be reasonably easy to remove if I eventually need to replace the deck pad.