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GPS satellite recs from any long distance paddlers?


I solo-paddled the Mississippi River from her source to sea.  A life-changing journey.  I am preparing to paddle the longest river in America, the Missouri from Three Forks Montana to St. Louis.  Weather, big water ( 3 HUGE reservoirs some 40 miles across! with many inlets and islands. )austere environment, inability to filter water are just some of the challenges.  I am looking for the best gps sallelite out there.  Used Gaia on Mississippi and worked great and cheap. Might just add a spot or inreach for emergencies. I need something that is easy to set up!!!


Also, difficult to measure distance on river between waypoints- guess that is where the map comes in!


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Thanks for bringing your question to the community!

I wanted to point you to a thread that might be helpful, Advice for a GPS device for kayaking and hiking. It's got lots of good info. If it prompts any further questions you can always tag a user to ask them a specific question.

What an amazing journey it must have been to paddle the Mississippi river! I'd love for you to tell us more about it; what kind of boat did you use? How long did it take? are you doing the Missouri river solo or with a group? Have you always been a paddler and loved the water?

Pardon all the questions but that's quite a trip and I'm fascinated! I didn't mean to hijack your post, perhaps you'd be willing to share some more info in another thread?


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks! I paddled an Old Town Next but would not recommend! It took me 3.5 months & was life changing. Beautiful sandbars fir camping and quaint river towns provided easy resupplies. The endless river angels have become friends for life. You should at least paddle the Headwaters- endless wildlife.

I will be paddling the Mo solo, with its many challenges. Mainly wind, big water, and weather. I will be paddling #56 Kruger SeaWind- 12 layers of Kevlar & virtually indestructible!! Hope to launch next May. I will need tons of support! Thanks for your interest!

Paddle on!!

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@Rivergal - Maybe a dumb question, but why cant you filter water?

btw, very cool boat


The Missouri has a ton of silt that clogs up everything. You can let water sit & settle overnight before filtering. When you get nearer to the industrialized areas, water is toxic!

@Rivergal - That's a great accomplishment and the next is a great goal! I used to contemplate taking a canoe down the Mississippi, but couldn't find anyone willing to go with me, and would never have done it alone. I've grown bolder in my old age, so I might have to put it back on my bucket list. I live not far from St Louis, I've seen the Mississippi out of her banks numerous times, and if I went it would have to be summer when it's low. Lots of traffic on it too. I can't help with your question, but just wanted to congratulate you, and if I can help somehow at the end of your next trip, just let me know.

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Come paddle the Missouri with me. Big challenge with great satisfaction. We’ll start in Three Forks Montana and end in St. Louis!

check out and on Facebook. We have more summers behind us than ahead of us now.🛶


That's very tempting! I've not done much of anything on the water, so I'd certainly need some experience. I've flirted with getting a kayak for the past few years, this might be the year!!! When you say "next May", do you mean 2021 or 2022? I certainly couldn't make it this year, but with a lot of practice I could possibly do 2022.  I'll definitely check out that site, although I'm not on Facebook. And you're right about more summers behind us than ahead.

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May 2022. 


Not sure I can come up with enough time off work, but it's an awesome adventure, and I'll see what happens.

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