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Garmin In Reach Mini report from my recent Everglades NP trip

I've just returned from an 8 day/7 night canoe/kayak trip in the Florida Everglades (Everglades NP), from Flamingo to Everglades City.

Departed Flamingo on 6 April and paddled into Everglades City on 13 April.

The inreach mini was absolutely FANTASTIC! Shout out to @REI-JohnJ for alerting me to the price sale several months ago!

I used it every day to send the 3 pre-set messages, keeping those on my pre-set address list informed of my status & location every-single-day.

We had a gigantic storm one evening/night just after making that day's 'ground camp' (thank heavens) when I started pulling down PREMIUM WEATHER FORECASTS.

Those reports where also FANTASTIC!

When the reports where downloaded, the mini beeps and syncs with the phone app for incredibly easy reading and analysis - which was worth it's 'weight in gold'!!

Those reports were only $1 each, for a total of $5.35 (with tax of course) and worth it (I had a garmin email invoice waiting for me when I got service).

anyway, here's what my wife received every day:

(i'm getting a server denied error message trying to upload 4 small jpgs)



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In addition, I was using Gaia GPS App on Iphone 7plus, with the route drawn up and downloaded from, using the gaia NOAA Marine Charts, downloaded onto the phone.

I believe it is now safe to say, I was the only one with 100% surety  of where we were and where we needed to go.

That being said, there were many teeny tiny islets not on the map, which did make exact route finding a bit 'iffy' in some sections.

The NOAA marine chart was dated 1995, so change was not surprising.

The NATGEO Trails Illustrated map of the park was 1:100,000 scale, which only made it good for general directional purposes, not exact route finding, unfortunately.

I had and used my garmin inreach mini.

Each craft had an approved and mandatory marine radio.

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Thanks for the write up of your InReach. This is great info. I'm stoked you had a great trip, looking forward to watching your second video soon!

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