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From point 65 Mercury to Delta 14 or Eddyline Sitka LT

Hi all

In this difficult time, it is hard to get kayak demo. So I would like your opinion about the stability of following kayak. (Both primary and secondary)

Currently I own point 65 Mercury and feel very comfortable about the stability. I did try p&h delphin 155 before and feel very tippy and unsecured. I am thinking between Delta 12.10, Delta 14 or Eddyline Sitka. I figure I should feel comfortable for 12.10. But wondering if I can push to Delta 14 or Sitka for speed. I am Looking for comparison as most of review I can find said all these kayak are very stable. Even Dolphin is stable which does not match my personal experience. I would appreciate comments from anyone has experience on more than 2 of above kayak so I can use your experience to extrapolate my potential feeling. Thanks

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Thanks for reaching out!

There are two important factors in a kayak that can make it feel more stable: the chine of the hull and the width of the kayak. While it is hard to tell the differences in the angle of the chine between the boats you have mentioned, the width differences are certainly worth noting. Your Point 65 Mercury is 23.5" wide, the Eddyline Sitka LT is 23.5", the Delta 14 is 23.75", and the P&H Delphin 155 is 22.5". While an inch may not seem like much, when spread across the entire length of a kayak it can have a large impact. Additionally, the P&H Delphin talks about having harder chine in the front of the boat and positioning the paddler further back than in traditional kayaks, all in the name of improving the kayak's handling in surf. Having never paddled a Delphin, I can't speak from experience, but it would seem those features would have an impact on how stable it feels.

I have paddled Eddyline kayaks before, although not the Sitka LT specifically, and I have found them to feel pretty stable. Most of my experience is in Wilderness Systems kayaks, which are known for their stability (their Tsunami 140 is 24" wide) and also for being pretty slow in the water.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Is the Taunami 140 25.5" wide? Or there is different version.




Great call out! I checked again and the model I was looking at was definitely an older model. It looks like around 2017 they increased the width of the Tsunami 140 kayaks to 25.5".


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.