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Final Chapter of 8 Day Everglades Paddle Odyssey

I know it's long, but just watch the first 5 minutes to see what happened to some very expensive light weight tents in a rainstorm - and the aftermath of the 'attack of the killer rats'! that same night!!

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Doesn't reflect so kindly on the Nemo.  Do you know why he got so much water in his Hornet?  

Keep Calm and Paddle On

unknown.  maybe he didn't have the rain fly stretched out properly to cover the tops of the floor sides, that'd be my guess.

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Should have brought the Decoy Racoons.


The tent problem had to be user error. I have slept in some pretty cheap tents with a whole lot more than 2 hours of rain.

Raccoons will get into everything. A site like that is a feeding ground because of known campers. A little more care would have saved a tent and 2 dry bags.


any recommendations for next time?

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pretty sure I saw this, the marsh white rat

marsh white rat 2.jpg

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Looking at what there is to work with... Put the garbage in the outhouse in a trash bag for the night.  Put your sealed food back in the boat or hang it. Make sure it is sealed if you are going into a critter infested area.  If there was nothing fun to eat in that green dry bag... then its a sacrifice to the camping gods, but it could have been put away. As for the rodents?? Is there a ultrasonic that runs off batteries? Bag of cat hair? Peppermint oil? Actually that isnt a bad idea. Might help cover the smell of swamp butt after day 5 also. Spray it around on the deck.

Put the tent up before you use it in the field. If he pumped that tent with a bilge pump, he had to have had a direct flow coming in. Obviously no holes in the floor and water wouldnt have come up through the deck anyway. I am not familiar with that tent but I would bet that the rain fly is supposed to be tied out. Looked it up. That tent is designed to be tied out. It is semi free standing. Anchoring the fly to the deck or a paddle for the corner struts would have given a bit more structure. That narrow at the foot, there was probably contact with the sleeping bag, tent and fly. Could be a leeching issue but I would bet that the water came in at the foot where the rain fly is higher than the flooring in the video.